Welcome to our guests!

 The Guesthouse of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

 21 Országház utca, Budapest 1014

Within ancient walls, the homely, atmospheric, historic building of the guesthouse is set in the best-known and most popular district of Budapest, the Buda Castle District, which has been a IMG_2338World Heritage Site since 1987. This place is the main tourist attraction of the Hungarian capital. Only a few minutes from the city centre, one can admire the magnificent view of Pest side of the River Danube or enjoy the long-forgotten, intimate atmosphere of the romantic, cobbled streets of Buda. During a stroll around the Castle District, the bygone era revives at every step. Almost all the buildings look back to a historic event or a famous resident. When contemplating about the life in historic times in this contemporary setting, you will feel relaxed in our rushing world. This specific feeling can be experienced within the guesthouse as its past is a good example of that of the Castle District. The modest, refurbished building with its baroque facade ’hides’ antique furnishing that supplement the ’memoirs engraved in stone’. Probably serving as a chapel in the baroque age, one of our guest rooms still preserves the renovated stucco ornament with a cross, heart and the letters IHS, abbreviation for Iesus Hominum Salvator, i.e. Jesus, the Savior of Men. Either you spend a night under this stucco ornament or choose one of our uniquely furnished rooms, you will have an unforgettable stay.

The 3-storey guesthouse with its 10 rooms is recommended especially for those preferring a romantic and peaceful setting. Our superior category, spacious rooms ensure an elegant environment and the standard rooms offer an intimate atmosphere on a smaller ground space. The suites with their adjoining rooms give the opportunity of separating work and leisure. Our second-floor suite with a view resembling Parisian roofs is a perfect choice for guests who want to immerse themselves in their scientific work or escape the bustle of everyday life in a romantic, ’Parisian’ ambience. Our rooms are equipped with satellite television, WiFi, telephone, minibar and heating/cooling system with control panel. The Lendvay Salon is an ideal place for conference members’ gatherings This beautifully refurbished communal facility is highly suitable for housing standing receptions up to 20 participants or organising meals up to 15 seats and it is available for outer customers as well. IMG_2188Our aim is to ensure a homely and peaceful environment, a temporary home to our guests, which is undisturbed by a clatter of a restaurant or a bar. There is a pleasant breakfast room on the ground floor at our guests’ convenience. A wide variety of cosy restaurants is within walking distance. A large number of internationally well-known and recognised people – notabilities from Hungary and all over the world as well as successors of ancient Hungarian aristocratic families – graced us with their stay. The notes and messages left by them in the Guest Book cherish the memory of their visit for the posterity.

We hope you will soon be able to ascertain all this as the guest of the Guesthouse of the HAS and will personally experience the unique atmosphere of the guesthouse, in which our guests, revisiting the place, always feel at home.